Entertainment Venues

World-Class Entertainment!

World Stage Rotterdam

MS Rotterdam is bursting with beautiful venues, and Dave Koz and Friends at Sea cannot wait to bring them to life for you, our amazing guests! From the 360 degree panoramic World Stage, to the gorgeous Sea View Pool on the back deck, you can dance your heart out or simply sit back and chill, listening to some of the most talented musicians on the planet. We are proud to assemble these world-class artists to bring you a once-in-a-lifetime, week-long music festival experience you will hopefully never forget.

And when you’re ready to indulge, there is an endless variety of culinary choices onboard to savor as you experience the world renowned dining offered on our ship—your ‘home away from home’ for seven amazing days! And don’t forget to put your feet up and lose yourself in the luxury of the gorgeous spa onboard as we sail through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-timer with us, the Dave Koz and Friends at Sea cruise promises to be a truly unforgettable experience, especially aboard this new ship!

World Stage

Deck Location: 2, 3

World Stage, the largest theater on board, is an exceptional 360 degree event space where we’ll be thrilled to bring you nightly concerts as well as some fun and informative daytime events. MS Rotterdam brings the World Stage experience to the next level by surrounding you in spectacular sight and sound with its two-story, panoramic LED screen. This is a whole new way to experience our artists!

B.B. King’s Blues Club

Deck Location: 2

This hot spot is a one-of-a-kind music venue...just waiting for you to kick up your heels on its big beautiful dance floor as you dance away to a Dave Koz and Friends at Sea lineup that promises to be off the charts. Amazing sound and a fantastic stage offer you an up-close and personal experience seeing your favorite artists do their thing!

Billboard Onboard

Deck Location: 2

Billboard Onboard offers our guests a different way to experience entertainment onboard, with a more intimate ambience in a cozy setting. This unparalleled venue is designed to provide a space where you can truly immerse yourself in the performances. We cannot wait to create memories with you here that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Rolling Stone Rock Room

Deck Location: 2

A few more skips down the ship’s Music Walk and you come to the very cool Rolling Stone Rock Room. With a wide variety of performances including music, comedy, game shows and so much more at every turn, we think you’ll be spending lots of your time onboard here--get ready to rock at Rolling Stone!

Ocean Bar

Deck Location: 2

Located at the center of the atrium, sit back and unwind in the relaxing ambience of the Ocean Bar. This is the perfect spot to enjoy live music, sip on cocktails and take in the spectacular views of our inspiring destinations in The Netherlands, Norway, and Iceland.

Crow’s Nest

Deck Location: 12

During the day, we invite you to head to the forward part of the ship and up to the top, where you can enjoy a coffee or mimosa while relishing the mesmerizing views. Then live it up and party down later on, when the nightlife gets set in motion with our amazing DJs and party bands. These folks take the energy to new heights every night on the Dave Koz Cruise up in the Crow’s Nest. This spot is not just any other lounge, but rather a destination center for your cruise. Whether you want to dance the night away or just want to chill with your friends looking at breathtaking views from the top of the ship, this lounge has something for everyone.

Sea View Pool

Deck Location: 9

Come sail away with us at Sea View Pool Stage, one of the premier venues on our cruise. The kickoff to our entire program, the Welcome Onboard Sail Away Cocktail Party with Dave, takes place here…then throughout the week, this stage plays host to a wide assortment of performances and special events, all while sailing away from our gorgeous ports of call.

Lido Pool

Deck Location: 9

During your cruise, be sure to take a break here and soak up the sun, grab a bite to eat, or sip on a refreshing drink while enjoying a bit of poolside entertainment at the Lido Pool Stage.


Deck Location: 3

Come play! Slots, blackjack, poker, and a variety of table games with music all around, Holland America’s Rotterdam Casino is the place to get your game on while sailing the high seas!