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Húsavík, Iceland

Before You Book

  • Exclusive welcome aboard party
  • All concerts, speaker sessions, etc.
  • All meals in formal dining rooms and buffets
  • 24-Hour Room Service
  • Non-carbonated beverages (i.e. tea, juices, coffee)
  • Use of the ship’s beautiful pools
  • Use of the ship’s health and fitness center/li>
  • Gratuities for the dining and cabin staff
  • Items of personal nature (phone calls, internet, laundry, etc.)
  • Spa and beauty salon
  • Soft drinks, wine and alcohol (drink packages are available for purchase)
  • Meals in the specialty restaurants
  • Gambling
  • Excursions while in Ports
  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Cruise insurance (available through Allianz for an additional fee)
Up to date pricing per person can be found on the Pricing page of our website.

Please visit the Cruise Itinerary page for dates and times.

Unfortunately, we cannot be involved in any cabin matching, however, you can check the Dave Koz Cruise Facebook Group designed to help passengers connect with others in the same situation.

Please be advised that the Dave Koz Cruisers Facebook Group is not affiliated with Dave Koz, Dave Koz Cruises or Redwood Travel Partners. Therefore, choosing to room with someone you do not know is at your own discretion and neither Dave Koz, Dave Koz Cruises, Bridgeway Entertainment, Redwood Travel Partners or Holland America will be responsible or liable for any issues related to these matches. Any problems associated with cabin mates (both on board or during the reservation and payment process) will be subject to the same terms and conditions as any other cabin and the main passenger on the reservation will be held responsible.

Book & Manage Stateroom

All cabins will be sold exclusively online. Booking your stateroom is easy!
Login to your Redwood Travel Partners Reservation Account (or create a new one) before finalizing your reservation. A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your essential personal information has been verified. If you made your reservation over the phone or have forgotten your username or password, please click the “Reset Password” button at the bottom of the page.

Yes, you have 20 minutes to book your stateroom before it returns back to inventory.

Before you proceed to booking, make sure you have the following information for all of your guests:

  • Full LEGAL Name as it appears on your government issued ID (no nicknames please)
  • Date of Birth
  • Citizenship
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card
  • Any special dietary or physical needs

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further information about passenger name changes, transfers, and other pertinent information about your reservation.

If you are paying with multiple credit cards, you will need all of the credit card numbers complete with expiration date and card verification number as well as the billing address, phone number, and email for each card.

Yes, this requires a full deposit based on your selected cabin class due at time of booking.

Your payments begin APRIL 18, 2024 and will be divided equally by the number of months left before FINAL PAYMENT on MARCH 18, 2025.

Please review the Terms and Conditions.

All payments are non-refundable. Guests are urged to purchase Travel Insurance to offset this risk. If you have questions regarding trip insurance coverage, please contact Allianz here.

Minimum age to cruise: Babies must be 6 months to sail on most Holland America cruises (Alaska, Canada/New England, Caribbean, Europe and Mexico). The exceptions are trans-ocean crossings and remote itineraries with more than two consecutive sea days, where the minimum age is 12 months.

Rules for cruising alone: Passengers must be 21 years old to travel on their own. An adult over 21 years must accompany every five passengers under age 21 on the same reservation. For organized student or youth groups, the minimum age requirement applies.

Minimum age to leave the ship on your own: Passengers must be 18 or older to go on a ship-sponsored shore excursion on their own. Minors under 16 can go ashore without adult supervision provided parents and guardians inform the ship’s security officer of their decision.

Shipboard venues with age restrictions: Passengers must be 18 or older to enter the casino and gamble. Use of the fitness center is restricted to passengers 16 and older.

No name changes will be accommodated until one week after reservation is complete.

Pre-Cruise Details

For your convenience, and to expedite your departure, we encourage all Dave Koz and Friends at Sea guests to utilize the Holland America online check-in procedure and start the process as soon as possible. During online check-in, you can securely submit your Immigration, Disembarkation and credit card registration forms. For the most accuracy onboard your ship, please complete the process at least 30 days prior to your departure. If you begin the process and cannot finish due to insufficient information, you may return to complete it at your convenience prior to departure. For a more in-depth look at the check-in process, check out Holland America’s video walk-through.

For VISAS and PASSPORTS please visit the Travel Documents page.

VALID Passports are required for this cruise. Be sure to check your passport. It MUST be valid for 6 months after your return. There are no exceptions to this rule!

US Passports & International Travel – Learn about your destination.

Casual attire is the order of the day, both on board and ashore. Daytime, it’s basically fine since we know you’re probably headed to the pool or out for a fun Shore Excursion. Casual shorts, jeans, tops and sundresses are welcome everywhere. You can even wear your swimsuit to the poolside grill or the buffet. Resort casual dress gets you into every venue at night too. Some people like to add a jacket, or when celebrating a special occasion, get all decked out. This too is welcome everywhere. And if you’re tired from a long fun day and just want to wear shorts; our buffet is the place for a casual dinner. Some people prefer nice jeans. They’re welcome in many of our restaurants as well, but not in all. Since all suitcases are collected the night before we return home, don’t forget to bring an overnight bag packed with a change of clothes, prescriptions, and need-to-have items.

Due to new government regulations requiring cruise lines to submit final departure manifests at least 90 minutes prior to sailing, guests are requested to complete Online Check-in no later than 3 days prior to their cruise. If you do not complete Online Check-in 3 days prior, you will be required to complete this process at the pier at least two hours prior to the published sailing time. Please note: All guests must be checked-in and onboard the ship no later than 90 minutes prior to the published sailing time or you will not be permitted to sail.

At the port you will hand over any luggage you wish to check to the porters, and your bags will be delivered directly to your cabin. DON’T PACK YOUR DOCUMENTATION, MEDICATION OR OTHER IMPORTANT ITEMS IN ANY BAG YOU PLAN TO CHECK, AS BAGS MAY TAKE UNTIL 8PM TO ARRIVE TO YOUR CABINS.

Each piece of checked luggage must have a luggage tag listing your name, ship and cabin number. Luggage tags can be printed prior to the cruise during registration for e-documents and additional tags may be obtained at port from the curbside porters. *Please note that curbside porters are not employees of Holland America and it’s customary to tip them $1 per bag.


Name corrections, cabin guest updates, dining time change requests, payment details, etc- please contact Redwood Travel Partners- [email protected] or 888-471-3313

Holland America Mariner number questions, Online Check-in assistance, dietary needs, specific cabin needs, or general questions: 866-929-2332

Guest Accessibility, ADA needs, Scooter, Wheelchairs, CPAP water, etc: 800-547-8493

Shore Excursions: 888-425-9376

Onboard Amenities such as Spa, Starlink Internet, Beverage Packages, Cabana rentals, Restaurant Reservations, etc: 800-541-1576

Once On-Board and Ashore

Holland America Line does not discriminate against persons on the basis of disability. We seek, to the extent feasible, to accommodate guests with disabilities. For more specific information regarding the following categories, please visit the “Accessible Cruising” section of our website at Stateroom Information; Mobility Equipment; Ship Transfer Options; Shoreside Mobility, including Airports and/or Train Stations and Land Tours and/or Shore Excursions; Service Animals; Blind or Low Vision; Deaf or Hard of Hearing; Oxygen; Food Allergy Information; Children with Special Needs; and Wheelchair Accessible Route Maps. Holland America Line offers a limited number of staterooms designed to be wheelchair- and scooter-accessible. For the safety of all guests and crew, scooters and other mobility equipment need to be securely stored and charged in the guest’s stateroom and not in hallways or elevator lobbies. Scooters left in these areas could restrict people needing to travel through these areas in an emergency, particularly other guests using mobility aids, since they would have no way of getting by a scooter left in a hallway. For this reason, Holland America Line has size and weight guidelines for scooters. For your safety as well as the safety of fellow guests and crew, guests using powered mobility devices should exercise caution by utilizing reduced speed settings on their mobility device while on board and in terminal facilities. If you plan on bringing a scooter on the ship, please contact:

Guest Accessibility Department

Phone: 1-800-547-8493 (locally at 1-206-626-7044)

TTY: 1-800-254-8669

Email: [email protected]

Certain ship transfer operations (e.g., during tendering and at the gangways) may not be fully accessible to wheelchairs or scooters. When a ship is unable to dock, guests are taken ashore on smaller boats called tenders. Some guests with limited mobility may find it difficult to embark or disembark the ship at certain times while at dock or while tendering due to steep gangways and steps, particularly during low or high tide. Also, please note that scooters and wheelchairs weighing more than 100 pounds without the battery are not allowed to be transferred from the ship to tender and/or from tender to shore. For persons not capable of walking on their own, the use of a wheelchair will be the primary mobility assistance aid for getting on and off the ship. Situations may occur in which guests with limited mobility may not be able to go ashore at the time they desire or are unable to go ashore at all in certain ports. For the safety of all concerned, the Captain shall make the final determination regarding whether or not it is advisable to provide assistance to guests with mobility limitations or to carry their mobility assistance device (e.g., wheelchair, scooter, walker, etc.), taking into account all appropriate matters including, but not limited to, weather conditions, ship’s location, weight of the guest or his or her mobility device, etc. While every effort is made to assist guests, we are unable to provide crew members who can spend all or most of their time working with a single guest in order to address ongoing special needs. Guests who require that level of care will need to travel with a companion who is able to provide the assistance necessary. Certain third-party transfer and tour facilities may not be fully accessible to guests with disabilities. Although we endeavor to make sure these companies comply with legal requirements, we cannot guarantee all are able to provide facilities that are accessible to persons with disabilities. For detailed, up-to-date information on accessibility issues involving tours, we strongly recommend contacting our Shore Excursions Department prior to embarkation at 1-888-425-9376 (locally at 1-206-626-7320) or visiting the Shore Excursions Office on board. Due to the limited number of lift-equipped vehicles in foreign locations, guests may incur additional costs for transportation related to packages. For information on alternative transportation arrangements and associated costs, please contact our Guest Accessibility Department.

It is essential that we be notified of any special medical, physical or other requirements you may have (including whether you intend to bring a scooter with you) as soon as possible, preferably at the time of booking, so that we may make our best effort to accommodate you. Guests who are unable to care for their own basic needs (e.g., dressing, eating and attending safety drills) MUST have a capable traveling companion. In limited situations (either on board or ashore), we may find it necessary to ask an individual to make alternate travel arrangements, such as if an individual with a disability is unable to satisfy certain specified safety and other criteria, even when provided with appropriate auxiliary aids and services. The medical staff on board is not available for daily care unless an individual is hospitalized in the ship’s Medical Center.

Wheelchairs: Holland America Line has a limited supply of wheelchairs on board. In order to accommodate our guests, wheelchairs are reserved exclusively for embarkation and disembarkation assistance in the pier facility and in emergency situations. Holland America Line is not able to provide complimentary wheelchair assistance other than for the purposes listed above. If you require the regular use of a wheelchair, we recommend that you bring your own wheelchair with you. You may also make advance rental arrangements prior to departure and have a wheelchair delivered directly to the ship. For additional details on the prearranged rental program, please refer to the contact information below for Special Needs at Sea or ScootAround.

Embarkation/Disembarkation — Wheelchair Assistance: Guests requiring assistance with embarkation and disembarkation procedures on board do not need to request this assistance in advance; however, due to high demand in some ports, there can be a wait for assistance. For embarkation procedures, please advise the Shore Operations staff upon arrival of your need for assistance boarding the ship. Assistance is only available once embarkation has begun, typically not before 11:30 a.m. For disembarkation procedures, please contact Guest Services once on  board to advise them of your need for assistance. Guest Services staff will provide you with details on the times and meeting location where staff will be available to assist you in disembarking the ship.

Guests needing continuous or intermittent oxygen for chronic conditions must make their own arrangements prior to travel. Please contact us or your travel advisor for more information. The following companies have been approved for all oxygen and/or oxygen equipment being delivered to a Holland America Line ship:

Special Needs at Sea

Phone: 1-800-513-4515 (locally at 1-954-585-0575)

Email: [email protected] Website:


Phone: 1-877-478-7827 (locally at 1-780-986-6404))

Email: [email protected] Website:

Oxygen and/or oxygen equipment deliveries will NOT be accepted from any other company. You are welcome, however, to bring your own oxygen and/or oxygen equipment from your home. Please note that our staff and crew are not permitted to handle your oxygen and/ or oxygen equipment during the embarkation and disembarkation process, thus you must be able to handle your supplies if you bring your own. Please contact the Guest Accessibility Department prior to sailing if you will require oxygen while on your cruise. If you require additional information on the ship’s facilities or ability to accommodate your needs, please feel free to contact the Guest Accessibility Department.

Please Note: Some airlines have restrictions concerning traveling with oxygen and oxygen containers. It is the traveler’s responsibility to be familiar with and comply with the regulations of the airline on which he/she is traveling.

For information regarding the Transportation Security Administration’s Screening Tips for Persons with Disabilities, please visit the Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions section of their website.

Internet and Wi-Fi: All Holland America ships have internet cafes. The line’s Explorations Cafe, is a cozy, coffee house-style area where passengers can either use the computers provided or a wireless internet device. High-speed terminals are scattered around the library and handily adjacent to a coffee bar. SpaceX’s Starlink advanced high-speed internet connectivity is available fleet-wide in most public areas and all cabins.

Cell phones: All ships in the Holland America fleet are cell phone friendly, and thanks to an agreement with Wireless Maritime Services, passengers can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access emails and surf the web with their phones. Phones must be activated for international calling with the passenger’s home provider, but no special codes or software are needed. Roaming fees apply.

Personalize your cruise experience once you’re on the ship with our free mobile-friendly tool. Plan your daily activities, browse and purchase shore excursions, view restaurant menus, make dining reservations, check your account balance and more. Download the Holland America Line Navigator App on Google Play store or Apple’s App Store.

We will release the schedule of concerts and events during embarkation.

There are three main theatre concerts each night. Show access is based on your cruise card color.

All performances on the Dave Koz and Friends at Sea Cruise are general admission — seating is first come, first served. Please help to keep ADA seating areas clear for those guests who need special assistance.

Fixed lens camera photography is permitted everywhere on board, but please refrain from flash photography and use of tablets, iPads, selfie sticks, etc. in all indoor venues. Use of drones and audio recording devices will not be permitted at performances. No tripods will be allowed.

The Holland America Cruise Line Navigator App is your indispensable tool for cruise planning, embarkation, managing your onboard experience and booking shore excursions. If you need assistance using or installing the app please contact Holland America at +1.866.929.2332.

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