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Leirvik is on the island of Stord alongside the large Hardangerfjord, in the traditional region of Sunnhordland. Its shorelines are fringed with small islands and skerries. The town has an attractive harbor, as well as an open-air museum, the Sunnhordlandstunet, consisting of ten historic buildings loaded with period furnishings and artifacts from the region’s history. There are Bronze Age archaeological sites nearby and the town also has a Maritime Museum. An interesting collection contains models built by a local sculptor, Torleiv Agdestein. The town also boasts a number of small art galleries.


Sunnhordlandstunet Leirvik Norway


Sunnhordlandstunet, a part of the Sunnhordland Museum, is an open-air museum situated a few minutes walk up the hill from the city center of Leirvik. It consists of eleven old buildings in peaceful surroundings, which, in addition to all the farming houses, includes a school and a small everyday shop from the 19th century. The museum proudly presents indoor exhibitions of local agriculture and fishing industries, and seasonal presentations on various aspects of the local history.


Furthest out on the breakwater jetty on the approach to Leirvik stands the sculpture “Storddøra” (gateway to Stord) by the artist Sissel Tolaas.

The sculpture was erected with the assistance of the local business community. The sculpture is a 16-meter-high structure in stainless steel with 20 builtin propellers which rotate in the wind and sparkle in the sun.

A park area (Onarheimsparken) has been created around the sculpture. It is a pleasant walk out to Storddøra from the center of Leirvik. The walk takes about 5 mins.

Storddøra Leirvik Norway
Stord Kulturhus Leirvik Norway

Stord Kulturhus

Stord kulturhus (cultural center) has a varied cultural program throughout the year with theatre, concerts and stand-up comedy. There is also a cinema, swimming pool and library here.

Leirvik Marina

In Leirvik Guest harbour you are close to the center of Leirvik, where you will find a museum, parks, culture house, city hall, a pedestrian zone with shops, a shopping center (Amfi center), market and a nice walking path along the entire harbor.

Leirvik Marina​ Norway
Hystadmarkjo Leirvik Norway

Hike Hystadmarkjo

A nature reserve near Leirvik with a 2-km-long hiking path. Take your time when you visit Hystadmarkjo. Here you can swim along one of the nice beaches, visit burial mounds from the Viking period or simply enjoy the well-being of wandering in the woods and by the sea at the same time.

Stord Church

The stone church at Frugarden estate was mentioned as early as the middle of the fourteenth century. In 1857 Stord church was built on the site of the stone church, and restored in 1957.
Stord Church Leirvik Norway

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Port Facilities & Location

Leirvik is located at Norwegian Coast, North Sea in Norway.

Explore Places to Eat and Drink

Leirvik, or ‘Vikjo’ as the locals tend to call it, is the region’s commercial center, with shops and other amenities. There are also several great cafés and restaurants, and plenty of culture.

Culture & History

Leirvik is a town and the administrative center of Stord municipality in Vestland county, Norway. The town lies along the southern coast of the large island of Stord, along the Hardangerfjorden. The town gained “town status” in 1997. The town includes the Eldøyane peninsula where the large Kværner Stord industrial area is located.

Shop 'Til You Drop

AMFI Stord is a shopping center in the middle of Leirvik center at Stord in the region Sunnhordland. A large selection of shops. A food shop, pharmacy and a café. The center has its own parking lot.

Getting around

Visitors can travel by foot, bus and taxi.

Local Currency & Tipping Etiquette

Norwegian Krone is the local currency used in Leirvik.

Whilst enjoying local cafes and restaurants, you do not need to leave a tip – a service charge is included in the bill. However, it is customary (and seen as a nice gesture) to round your bill up to the nearest 10 or 100 NOK for great service.

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