What guests are saying about the Dave Koz Cruise

I must say this was truly the trip of a lifetime. What I enjoyed most was meeting so many cool people, exploring Europe and just being up close & intimate with acclaimed jazz artists. That was truly epic! Dave, you really know how to throw a party! There were so many magical moments and I just wanted to let you know my invited guest and I are so excited & humble to have taken part of this unforgettable event!
Another awesome cruise. They just keep getting better and better! Week One - fantastic music and what an amazing team of people you put together. All inspired by your great leadership. Can’t wait for next year’s cruise. Thanks for all the memories.
Over the years I have been on more than 50 cruises. This year, I finally took my first Dave Koz cruise: Dave Koz Cruise 2022, Voyage 2. It was the best and most memorable cruise of my life. Artists and passengers were so friendly it was like being in a wonderful neighborhood instead of sailing with friendly strangers. The wonderful, practical gifts on the bed every night was such a surprise; better still, there was a gift on both beds. Cruise lines could learn a lot from Dave. It was a wonderful, all too short adventure. And when you thought it couldn't get better, I received an email with a video of the cruise. I am booked for the 2023 cruise, and I am on the lookout for my code to reserve my booking for the 2024 Dave Koz Cruise. I don't care where the cruise is going, I know I'll love it. Hopefully, I can book back-to-back reservations and make it a two or three week cruise. I will definitely be sailing on every Dave Koz Cruise from now on. It took about eight years, but I finally made the list. I am a proud member of the annual Dave Koz Cruise family. I love you Dave.
Thank you Dave for an AMAZING vacation!! You exceeded the expectations of this 1st time DK Cruiser!!! Much love & blessings to you & the entire team of entertainers &, most importantly the staff behind the scenes. BRAVO!!!🎷🥂
Thanks so much Dave for the lifetime memories we made on our first DK cruise. It was a pleasure to meet you and all of the other musicians. My husband was in complete awe as he is one of yours and Candy’s lifetime fans. I’m so grateful for the birthday shout out for my 60th. You are such a great guy and we will be back!!! Much Love
This was a once in a lifetime music experience I’ll never forget! All the musicians were fantastic. I say once in a lifetime because the impromptu jams that just happened when the musicians just joined in, unplanned, to help each other out or just to bring the performance to another level will never be the same.
It was an amazing experience. This was my first Jazz cruise and Lord willing, not my last! Thank you for bringing together the best in smooth jazz music and for planning such a classy event! I have memories for a lifetime. ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for another amazing experience and wonderful music!!! We will continue to travel the world with you & your amazing artists as long as we are able!!! 🥰
There are other cruises..but there will never be anything like a Dave Koz cruise 🚢!!…Thanks Dave your 1st Class all the way!!
Thank you Dave for an amazing over the top musical experience! The destinations were fabulous and we cannot thank you enough for the incredible memories that were made with incredible friends. Still recovering from week one! I can’t imagine how exhausted you, your team and all the artists are, so go get some rest so we can do it again in Spain 2023! ❤️❤️❤️
You cannot possibly know the wonderful impact you have on so many by providing this magnificent venue, perfectly executed. A music lover’s dream come true. Thank you.